Freedom Cafe

“Free your mind, body and soul at Freedom Cafe; good food, great company and beautiful surroundings.”

The cafe-in-a-can is a concentrate of all we enjoy most in entertaining. It’s intimate, relaxed, and with decor by crack Egg Designs duo Roche and Greg Dry, unselfconsciously stylish. The menu, like the man, evolves constantly, guided only by the mantra: “local, fresh, direct.”

Guests watch through a hatch in the compact courtyard kitchen, even wander through this en route to the loo. They linger contentedly under trees strung with jam-jar lights and beaded dreams (joy – love  – peace), nursing cappy and cupcakes on yellow wire Egg rockers or black plastic daxie benches. Then as the shadow of neighboring St Mary’s church spire creeps slowly across the sand.

Kiff or Not Kiff?

Definitely Kiff!

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