A Banting (or not so Banting) Breakfast at Eora

Great food and service

Eora on Florida road is open for breakfast! Being my favourite meal of the day, I was obviously ecstatic to hear it! The restaurant is situated above House of Curries on Florida road (where the old Vicky Christina’s was). There was a welcoming breeze running through with the main view being the top of the palm trees – a great little escape in the busy surroundings. The staff were very friendly and everything we ordered came as we asked for it, what more do you need? The atmosphere is relaxed with a contemporary twist, and I think it could get quite vibey. Chef Nathan came out to great almost every table that came in for breakfast; he is an approachable and friendly man. If you get the chance, ask him about the name Eora, and he will tell you about the aboriginal tribe in Australia that he named the restaurant after.

The breakfast menu itself caters for everyone. They have Banting friendly and vegan dishes, fruity or sweet combos, the traditional choices and even options for the days you just don’t feel like eggs. Oh and don’t forget the selection of drinks! The vegetable and fruit juices were amazing! Almost a meal in themselves (well, maybe a breakfast starter) and the best is you can choose your own combination to be freshly made.

Some of the things I was lucky enough to taste included spiced vanilla and maple French toast, char-grilled bacon benedict and the pan scorched cumin and cannellini beans, chorizo, poached egg. The French toast was thick enough to not be soggy and it was accompanied by the freshest fruit and almond shavings (delicious!). The bacon benedict was very creamy and buttery and quite a generous size (side note: they offer a single or double option and I assure you the single option is more than enough – unless you are a big eater). Same goes for the cannellini bean and chorizo dish, it was truly a healthy sized portion. This was something a bit different for me as a breakfast meal, but was delicious. It is accompanied by a red chili mixture on the side that was not too hot but gave it that extra kick. The chorizo was the best for me and the WAY they poach their eggs… I’m not sure if they poach them in some magical way or if it’s because everything is free range, but when I try poach an egg they never turn out as good as that! The meals are paired with the right amount of ingredients, not too little for it to be a standard breakfast I could have made at home and not too much for it to be overdone; in the words of Goldilocks, it was just right!

At Eora they end the meal off with a nostalgic touch… a Chappie bubble gum! (Did you know… the ancient Egyptians shaved their eyebrows off to mourn the death of their cats?).

With a full tummy and new facts at hand, you leave feeling ready to get your day started. This was a great experience and I will certainly be paying them a visit again soon. I had a look at their tapas, lunch and dinner menus and they look equally amazing. Not to forget they have live jazz on a Sunday 15h00 – 18h00!

I rate Eora as a definite must see.


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Facebook – Eora Florida Road: http://on.fb.me/1Sz6DGT

Facebook – Eora Umhlanga: http://on.fb.me/1L4LrRd

Website: http://www.eoracafe.co.za/

Email: thepeople@eora.co.za

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