Corner Cafe


I heard about Corner Cafe a few years back from a friend who lived in Glenwood. It was described as a restaurant with a difference, one that strived for sustainability without the pretentiousness often associated with environmentalism. For whatever reason I didn’t heed the unnamed friend’s advice to try out their eco-cuisine. Fast forward to the present and I’m asked to visit, experience and review Corner Cafe. When you arrive at the corner of Brand and Cromwell Road you immediately realise that your imminent dining experience is going to be different.

While parking on Cromwell, you’re greeted by a wall of artwork and, upon entering the establishment through the mouth of a possible octopus, a friendly, enthusiastic Judd (the owner!) welcomes you to your allotted seating. Inside, the establishment has a modern retro feel to it with a black and white map of Glenwood adorning an entire wall (note: look to this for great small talk topics should you be on one of those awkward first dates). A very talented guitarist is jamming some good mood music which is at just the right volume for you to still hear your partner.

The menu on the night was small, with a choice of two pastas and two pizzas. Now this was my only (slight) negative. If you weren’t into either of those general food groups then you may have had a problem (although judging by Judd’s service he would’ve probably made a plan for you). The smallish menu was, however, more than made up by the food on arrival. We had both pastas, a Chorizo and Olive Gnocchi as well as a Basil Pesto Chicken Penne. Both of these dishes were a good portion and had bags of flavour to boot.

I think we swapped plates three or four times while trying to decide which our favourite was. The price also deserves a mention. At close enough to R60 this was value for money in my books. These amazing meals were accompanied by freshly squeezed orange, carrot and ginger juice, recommended to us by Judd for our lingering flu. This has to be one of the best squeezed juices I’ve had in recent times and I highly recommend it. We ended the meal off with a triple layered red velvet cake which will calm any sweet tooth (another note: you can probably share one portion!).

Overall we really enjoyed our evening at Corner Cafe. The vibe was a cut above the usual “restaurant experience”, the service was excellent with Judd and his team on constant watch for a glancing customer, and the food and drinks were full of flavour. My only regret was that I hadn’t taken my friends advice and visited the Corner Cafe sooner!

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