REVIEW: Pumula Beach Hotel

“It’s like the Oyster Box of the South Coast!”
That’s what my hubby said to me during our stay at Pumula Beach Hotel.

Pumula Beach Hotel is located just 100kms South of Durban and is surrounded by indigenous coastal vegetation, offering a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean.

We were fortunate enough to stay at this little slice of paradise for a weekend.

Not having any kids of our own, we were worried we would feel left out as this is known to be a family friendly destination. However, that was not the case at all!

Arriving at Pumula on Friday evening from Umhlanga, we were greeted at reception by a charming lady who handed us our keys for the next two nights. She gave us the lowdown of all the information we needed and notified us of our dinner which was starting in an hour’s time.

After finding our room which had a gorgeous panoramic view of the sea, we freshened up and headed out to snap photos of the beach before the sunset was over. It was a perfect evening, and the sky was a beautiful pink hue.

We decided to have dinner outside instead of the usual dining spot inside the hotel, which was perfectly fine for the waiters. We ordered a glass of wine each and watched the sun set.

Once night fell, the lights lit up the entire place – creating a romantic setting for our 3-course dinner.

For starters, I chose the tomato soup while Nick tried out the chicken livers. This was followed with a main course of a lamb leg and pork fillet – each coupled with a bed of vegetables and roast potatoes.

For dessert we ended off with ice cream and a delicious warm apple tart.

With our appetites quenched, we headed back to our room. With the aircon and fan both on full speed, we dozed off into a deep sleep.

Is this what heaven feels like?

Saturday was spent with a morning dip in the pool after we had our breakfast. After our leisurely swim, we headed back to the common area and grabbed some board games to play while having a drink or two.

At exactly 12, a staff member came outside and rang a bell to alert the people still down by the pool that lunch would be served. We were told that it was a braai, and that we could help ourselves anytime.

We loaded up our plates with braai food and tucked in, topping off with scoops of ice cream for an additional spoil.

Sunday morning came around quite quickly and we were reluctant to get out of bed. Eventually we made our way to the breakfast area for one last time before heading back to pack up.

At Pumula, we truly felt like we were at home. There’s just something about this place that leaves you longing to return.
Who knows, maybe we will soon!


To make a booking:

67 Steve Pitts Road, Umzumbe, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0)39 684 6717


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