REVIEW: Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel & Spa

When I heard I would have an opportunity to visit Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel & Spa, my heart skipped a beat.
If you head over to their website, you would understand why – The place is so surreal, and just a short drive from Durban!

Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel and Spa has its origins rooted in our colonial heritage. The estate takes its name from the original owner, the Secretary for the Colonies, Lord Selborne..

Selborne Estate

The Manor House passed into the hands of the M.D of Reynolds Brothers Ltd, and the Manor house was built in 1954 by Vernon Crookes. In 1979, Denis Barker, a dairy farmer, purchased the property from the estate of Crookes, and set about transforming it into a residential golf estate.


Arriving at Selborne Golf Estate on Friday afternoon, we were given a warm welcome from the manager and the receptionist. We were then shown to our room where we would be spending the next two nights. As our escort opened the door, I was blown away – We had the most beautiful, Garden Room that included a lounge, en-suite bathroom and a private balcony!

Selborne Estate

The look on my face says it all!

We settled down and took a short walk around before heading to dinner. Our dinner table was waiting for us, with a sign that read, “Ferreira.” – Of course, I had to snap a photo of this sweet gesture!
I opted for their starter of Calamari, followed by a main meal of Rump Fillet and chose to end it off with Creme Brule. I’ve never had such incredibly tasty food in my life, and the service on top of it all was fantastic! Definitely, a thumbs up from me.

We then retreated to our room, and were surprised with a complimentary bottle of wine! With happy hearts and full tummies, we drifted off to sleep in the comfiest bed.

Waking up, we didn’t want to leave the bed, but eventually got up and made our way to the breakfast area where a delicious hot buffet was waiting for us. After pigging out, we met with a golf instructor who gave us a brief lowdown of the sport before jumping into a golf cart.

Selborne Estate

Golf cart drives!

He took us around the entire course and explained the rules of golf to me. Being a golf newbie, I was surprised at how popular and fascinating the sport is! People were up at 6 am to start their rounds. I was even more impressed at how big and beautiful the course was… With 18 holes, each unique from each other – it was incredible!

I even got the chance to practise a few swings. After a few embarrassing shots where I hit more of the ground than the actual ball itself, I managed to perfect it on my fourth try! I squealed as I saw my ball fly extremely high and hit the lawn in the distance. (At least it wasn’t in the bush!)

Selborne Estate

Learning how to play golf like a pro, from a pro!

We then had the chance to try hit our ball into the hole – it’s harder than it seems as you have to account for the wind as well as the surface.

Our instructor then took us out for a cappuccino at the country club where most golfers have their short break halfway through their game. We then headed back to our room to get ready for a spa treatment later.

selborne estate
Making our way up the flight of stairs to where La Vita Spa was, I immediately felt relaxed.  I had been to a La Vita spa before, and I knew that I would walk out feeling like a new person. We had been booked for an Aromatherapy massage – one of my favourites as you get to choose the type of oil you want for your treatment.

Selborne Estate

Waiting for our Aromatherapy Spa treatment in the cutest room.

I chose the Lavender oil for my treatment, which helps soothe any pain you may have. I’ve been battling with back pain which is why I wanted this one.
The massage itself was pure bliss. With music playing in the background, and Lavender filling the room – it was truly wonderful.

Selborne Estate

Lots of insta-worthy locations!

We used the rest of the afternoon to take a quick walk around the place – we even spotted a buck or two! After our walk, we decided to relax at the bar and have a drink.

We ended off the night with once again, a delicious three-course meal. This time round, I decided to try the lamb shank which didn’t disappoint!

The following day we checked out, and bid a sad farewell to all of the friendly staff we got the pleasure to meet. We took a slow drive back and stopped at places along the way.
We’ll definitely be back to Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel & Spa – that’s for sure!

Selborne Estate

If you’re looking for a quiet getaway that’s not too far from home, then Selborne is for you!
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