Shall We Dance

Durbanite reviewer, Shirley Jones attended the Shall We Dance show recently and gave us the low-down on her experience.

“Not many people are aware that “Shall We Dance” is one of the longest standing annual productions in Durban. After experiencing Fridays show, we can see why. It would be very difficult to walk away from the show without enjoying at least one of the many dance styles performed by professionals and very talented dancers.

There was freestyle dancing performed by Gerhard and Amore – world champ Freestyle title holders. Scintillating Latin moves performed by Darren and Milla, and world champions from Denmark showcasing their ball room steps. That’s just to name a few of the talented performances. It ranged from Belly dancing right through to tap dancing.

If you’re planning to go next year, here are a couple of tips:
1. Get there early to find a good parking spot. Parking is available on the road adjacent to the entrance which are monitored by car guards (At a price, ofcoarse)
2. Don’t order drinks unless you have enough time to drink them. We got there 20 minutes before the show and were unable to take our drinks into the auditorium, resulting in a down-down.
3. Pre-order your drinks for the interval as it can get quite busy during this time.
4. There are plenty loo’s upstairs so be sure to find one that hasn’t got a long que during the interval.

The choreography and costumes will have you captivated throughout. A show worth supporting, we hope Durbanites will get continue to support this long lasting. production.”

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