The Patio Cafe

The Patio Cafe


Driving up Roberts Road in Pietermartizburg to number 93 you will find a little cafe known as The Patio Cafe. It is in the back of a house that has been remodeled to include a woman’s gym, a beautician and the little Cafe. We were welcomed to the Patio Cafe by chef and co-owner Bianca Westhorpe-Pottow. She led us round the back and sat us down. The setting gives off of a cafe vibe with good views, we even watched an eagle building its nest in a nearby tree. There are just three tables with seating for four; as well as two couches for those who are just looking at maybe having a coffee and muffin. There was music playing quietly in the background which allowed a chilled eating experience.

The Patio opened on the 1st of July and has had good support so far which has come about through word of mouth and the use of social media. It was a chilly day and hot drinks were called for. Penny had a pot of Five Roses which came with a shortbread biscuit. The tea was good and enough for about four cups, which was a pleasant surprise. I had a “Hot Chocolate Palette” which was very good. It’s basically a Lindt tipped chocolate spoon which you have to dunk into a cup of hot milk and stir it around until it all melts. It’s a novel idea which can become a talking point.

The menu is small and simplistic, and the dishes are centred on fresh, seasonal produce. The Patio offers breakfast and lunches, as well as an ever changing variety of freshly baked muffins. The breakfast side has muesli, toast, omelettes and a sandwich. While the lunch serves up a base choice of a tagletelli pasta with parmesan, a baked potato and low fat cottage cheese or a toasted tramezini and mozzarella. You can then choose your topping for the base.

Penny had an onion omelette filled with camembert, parma ham, topped with homemade berry jam and rocket. The omelette arrived with camembert oozing out, but cutting through it revealed all the goodness inside. It was delicious and would be a definite recommendation to anyone. I had the tagletelli pasta with pan seared beef strips, tossed in Chinese spice mix and fresh coriander. The pasta was cooked really well and the sauce was great. The only thing that could have been better was the beef. It was slightly chewy, almost overcooked. But this could have also been due to the cut of meat. Despite this, both meals were tasty. The kitchen is open weekdays from 07:30 till 15:00. The Patio is definitely worth a try and offers diners something of a Midlands Meander experience in the City.

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