Umhlanga’s Wonderland: Buff Parlour

The Buff Parlour – Umhlanga’s newest little secret!

I walked through the keyhole branded doors and was thrown into a rabbit hole – Surely this must be wonderland!

The artistic decor makes this beauty parlour a one-of-a-kind that no one has seen before.
Bright colours, wacky designs, flamingos on the walls, with an aroma of coffee, donuts and perfume – this beauty parlour is unlike any seen before.

The aptly named “Angel” showed me around before my first treatment: a wax. Now, normally wax treatments are painful and somewhat boring, leaving you to stare at the celling and… wait. At Buff Parlour, you will find yourself greeted with some retro visuals to put yourself at ease, while old school music videos play from a screen on the wall, making the experience a lot more enjoyable. There are also jars of colourful stress-balls in each room for some added fun.


Angel explained that their procedures are a lot more hygienic than most practices we have here. They follow the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, meaning they don’t use the same spatula for every treatment and will always have the bed covered in paper towels – no ickyness in Wonderland!

I was also surprised to learn that they cater for men too, and how grooming or “manscaping” for males is fast becoming a trend. I laughed at the menu of treatments – waxing “from cherries to cheeks” being on offer at Buff Parlour for the boys.

The Buff Parlour also boast a selection of lovely, locally made beauty products like Pocket Perfume, make-up palettes and brushes.

After my wax, I was guided to the manicure table, overlooking a perfect view of the outside world. A lady named Sivu sat opposite me and asked me the world’s toughest question, “Which colour do you want?” I stared at the endless rows of perfectly stacked Essie nail polishes, before picking a gellish candy-floss pink (inspired by the parlour’s walls!).


Sivu quickly got to work (the whole thing taking 45 minutes!) soaking off my previous nails and filing them into shape. At the same time, Angel returned to ask if I would like anything to drink or eat – I asked for a cappuccino after being tantalised with the aroma of coffee since I had walked in… When my warm drink arrived, Angel began giving me a pedicure, while I was getting my manicure done. (Now that’s service!) The Buff Parlour leaves you with more time in your day to focus on other things you have planned – and you still get to indulge in life’s little pleasures. Perfect for busy bees!

Once done with my mani and pedi, I felt like a new woman. Isn’t it funny how a good set of new nails leaves you feeling like a you can take on the world? I would definitely recommend the Buff Parlour for your choice of pampering – or maybe just pay them a visit for great coffee and a Wicked Donut. Your choice, ladies (and gents).


The Boulevard, 19 Park Lane, Umhlanga Ridge
Appointments: 087 287 9878
Email: hello@buffparlour.co.za
Treatment List: http://buffparlour.co.za/

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday from 8am-6pm
Saturday from 8am-4pm

All relevant information regarding covid-19 can be found on sacoronavirus.co.za.