XSories: New GoPole Range of Accessories from A-tek


Never Miss a Single Photo-Worthy Moment Again with the New GoPole Range of Accessories from A-tek!We had the privelage of testing some of the lastest and radest gear from Xsories!
We will give you our thoughts on 2 essential pieces of equipment for your GoPro! The 1st and most essential piece of equipment that every GoPro owner should have is a great case.
We have done our research in this and yes you could get a cheap one off eBay but the chances of it arriving and being what it says is another story. It is essential to have a case that will not only fit all your gear but also protect it from the elements. The Capxule from Xsories is absolutely brilliant.


From the outside the Capxule is made from lightweight but durable material which will definitely keep your gear safe. The case is thermoformed and features a custom fitted interior for a GoPro HERO action camera, UShot, and a few accessories.


xsories-7The camera compartment will hold the GoPro in its housing. Along one side there is a spot for the UShot hand grip while it is collapsed. Finally there is a secondary square compartment for a charger, mounts, or other sundries. In addition, the lid features a mesh pocket on the underside that provides space to organize
The 2nd piece of gear that I know you GoPro addicts out there will want/need is the Xsories U-Shot!


Man this little piece of gear is fun and oh so handy (You’ll sew why, keep reading!) It comes with a carabiner which screws onto the bottom allowing you to clip it onto your belt/bag for quick easy on-the-go access. It also comes with a handy (Excuse the pun) grip loop so that your U-Shot doesn’t go flying while you’re jumping off a mountain or tucking onto that barrel. The head of the u-Shot is a 1/4″ universal screw which will fit any of your devices (Handy.) The U-Shot features an Aluminium Ball head and thumb screw which allows you to quickly swivel to get the shot you need. A big thing for me is the fact that this bad boy is made with a hard anodized finish to prevent rusting! So water sports are a go, a quick rinse with fresh water and you’re good to go.


The U-Shot is super comact but extends to a length of 49cm – giving you that awesome perspective all you action junkies like – then folds up and slots back snuggly into the Capxule case!


Shots Taken with the U-Shot
Where can you find these awesome goodies I hear you ask?

You can find them at Incredible Connection or go straight to the source and get them from A-tek!

A-tek Distribution is an accessory and software provider that caters to the needs of retailers, resellers and everyday consumers. The Xsories and GoPole range are a great This range of products maintains a sense of effortless innovation, making it possible for anyone from the professional photographer to the average happy snapper to capture their most treasured moments in a flash. With the help of the GoPole, taking a picture doesn’t have to be so laborious, thanks to a host of accessories that enhance each photographic experience with ease.

A-tek continues to keep up with the latest and most effective software and accessories in order to provide customers with a high quality range of tools. With A-tek’s Xsories and GoPole range, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. The Xsories and GoPole are now available at Incredible Connection.

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