Comrades Supporters Guide

These are my suggestions as to where you can get to different parts of the route to watch or second your friends and family fairly easily.

Ideally you should be picking two or three of these points that are a good distance between them. Try to not hang around too long once your runner has passed, because of race day traffic it is very possible that a runner will beat you to the next point. Good luck, seconding is a stressful job!

The ‘Google Maps phone link’ will open the particular route shown if tapped on your phone and guide you to that point on the route from the N3.


Ashburton | 6km done 84km to go | Between 5:45am – 6:20am
Take Exit 69 on the N3 and the go left and you’ll head straight towards the Comrades route.

Google Maps phone link:

Lion Park | 14km done 75km to go | Between 6:30am – 8:00am
TakeExit 65 on the N3 and park wherever you can. An easy spot to see them early in the race.

Umlaas Road | 20km done 70km to go | Between 6:40am – 8:40am
TakeExit 61 on the N3 and park wherever you can. A good first spot to see the runners as you have some time to escape the start if you dropped them off.

Camperdown | 25km done 65km to go | Between 6:55am – 9:30am Take Exit 57 on the N3 and park wherever you can. This is a very popular spot, there is a decent amount of parking but it does get very busy.

Cato Ridge | 30km done 60km to go | Between 7:15am – 9:50am
Take Exit 53 on the N3 and park wherever you can.

Harrison Flats | 36km done 54km to go | Between 7:40am – 10:35am
Take Exit 43, then turn left and follow Thousand Hills Road until you hit the route.

Google Maps phone link:

Drummond | 46km done 44km to go | Between 7:55am – 11:55
This is a very busy part of the route and the roads are very small, so not a lot of parking available, be prepared to park and have to run or walk up to the route if you’re not there very early.

Google Maps phone Link:

Alverston | 48km done 42km to go | Between 8:15am – 12:00
This is a tricky one just involves more physical effort. There is a dirt road you’ll have to drive down at the end, and most often park on, it’s a tough little hill to walk back up again. Remember before this you’ll probably be going through Mariannhill Toll Plaza, which takes a beating on Comrades day, so expect it to be very busy.

Google Maps phone link:

Botha’s Hill |54km done 36km to go | Between 8:35am – 13:00
Fairly easy to get in and out of, except for the traffic because of the race.

Google Maps phone link:

Bottom of Fields Hill | 67km done 23km to go | Between 9:25am – 14:30
Another easy one to get in and out of, besides the Comrades traffic of course.

Google Maps phone link:

Cowies Hill | 69km done 21km to go | Between 9:45am – 15:45
A few back roads and you’ll pop out next to a very busy part of the route.

Google Maps phone link:

Westville Mall / Woodcutters | 76km done 14km to go | Between 10:00am – 16:05
Another nice busy part of the route!

Google Maps phone link:

45th Cutting | 80km done 10km to go | Between 10:10am – 16:15
A bit of a mission to get to, but with only 10km to go and the final cut off point it is a fairly crucial point. Traffic going from here to the finish should not be too bad because you’ll be heading from a direction most others are not, but do not leave here too late, it can take quite a while to find parking and make it into the stadium.

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