Goldfish make a Splash in Durban

Goldfish recently entertained the masses at the Durban Botanic Gardens, they had the crowd on their feet jamming the night away! Our photographer was lucky enough to get back stage and take a few epic photos and we had a chance to interview the duo so that YOU can get to know them a little bit better… I of course just had to link up a YOUTUBE video of their Moonwalk Away (Moonlanding Mix) it sounds waaaay better live, but reminiscing via the web and my laptop will have to do for now! 

Question 1

We know you enjoy surfing and a spot of fishing when you have the chance and hope that you will take some time out this weekend to catch a few waves. Other than our beautiful warm waters, what is your favourite thing about visiting our city?

Goldfish: You are really blessed with amazing fishing and surfing which is generally what we try to do when we have some spare time in Durban, however the best thing about Durban is definitely the friendly people who live in this vibrant city!

Question 2

To those Durbanites who are not familiar with Goldfish, how would you describe your music to them? 

Goldfish: We have been called the “re-invention” of the DJ” which helps with the explanation to the Goldfish newbies, basically we are half band, half Dj but full entertainment!

Question 3

We hear you guys are multi-instrumentalists – which is your preferred instrument to play and why?

Goldfish: We each have instruments that we specialize in: Dave the sax and Dom the double bass which is probably why we favour these instruments, although sometimes it’s also fun to rock out on an instrument you don’t know your way around quite as well and come up with different ideas than what you would on your normal instrument!

Question 4

We have seen you perform many times; one of the most memorable was Splashy Fen a few years back. What has been your favourite live-music performance to date?

Goldfish : Splashy definitely holds a special place in our official history as we had such great shows there early on in our journey up river! As far as our favourite live performance it’s really hard to nail it down to 1 show but a few stand out like the Perceptions of Pacha cd launch at Kirstenbosch Gardens (which went crazy even before everyone knew the songs !) and our first sold out Goldfish Outdoor show in Amsterdam for 6000 people!

Question 5

What CD are you currently listening to in your car?

Goldfish: Goldfish presents Organic house 2 just arrived today so I had to pop straight into the Mini for a test drive!


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