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Tsogo Sun Amashova 2017 Results



On Sunday, 22nd of October 2017, all eyes were on KwaZulu-Natal’s largest road cycling classic – the Tsogo Sun Amashova. The 31st edition of this race did not disappoint with an impressive number of just under 10 000 cyclists participating and the prospect of Nolan Hoffman from the Western Cape looking to equal Malcom Lange’s record of the most wins for the event.

This year’s 35km, 65km and even the grueling 106km displayed moments of true Tsogo Sun Amashova Spirit. With the likes of Grant Oosthuyzen being the first person in a wheelchair to finish the 35km race, a staggering amount of people completing the 65km route wearing CHOC cow outfits despite the hot weather, and the first tandem to cross the line carrying three generations on one bicycle for the 106km – there was no shortage of amazing accomplishments today. Especially that of Nolan Hoffman who won his sixth Tsogo Sun Amashova Race to match cycling legend, Malcolm Lange’s current record of most wins. And the ladies elite challenge batch was also something for crowds to cheer about with Carla Oberholzer claiming this year’s title a whole three minutes ahead of the rest of the batch!

Hailing from Franschhoek, the triumphant Nolan Hoffman raced home to a nailbiting finish to claim his 6th six time as champion. Clarens local, Carla Oberholzer took her first title after taking a chance at the 70km mark to break away from the pack, which in the end paid off.

In his acceptance speech, Hoffman stated, “I am really proud to have equaled Malcolm’s record – he really is one of SA’s cycling greats so it’s a great honour to share this achievement with him. Thanks to Malcolm, my team mates, my wife and the race organisers and Tsogo Sun sponsors who helped motivate me and make this achievement possible”.

Congratulating the cyclists who completed the Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic this year, Mike Jackson, Director of Operations for Tsogo Sun KZN, said,

“The spirit of Amashova was alive and well this year! Tsogo Sun is incredibly proud to have been part of a race with such great heritage and soul. Congratulations to Nolan for matching Malcolm Lange’s record of six Amashova wins and to Carla for finishing three minutes ahead of the rest of the elite female cyclists to claim victory. Well done to all the cyclists who took part in this ever-growing race, and to the organisers for another spectacular year.”

From Spain the Worldwide Sport Events organizer of the Gran Fondo World Tour, CEO Dani Buyo, was present at this year’s race to assess the race and understand the market for potentially including it in next year’s international circuit. “The Tsogo Sun Amashova is a very good event and I was pleasantly surprised about the high quality standard as far as the organization of the event, overall safety and hospitality are concerned. It really does compare to some of the best cycling events in the world. The logistics of this event are near to perfect. The essence of the Tsogo Sun Amashova also aligns with our race philosophy. We want a positive experience for every single cyclist so that from the first to the last person, everyone goes home happy,” stated Buyo.

Amashova Race Director, Annie Batchelder, concluded, “It’s been another successful ride for the contestants that peddled down the “road of champions” from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. 2017 is the year we focused on the spirit of Amashova because this is not just any ordinary cycling race. As much as this race attracts the attention of the competitive cycling scene – it is also so rewarding to see how many social cyclists enjoy this race and the number of people riding for a cause. The event really does bring the entire city and all its citizens together. Thanks to the residents along the route, my fantastic team and to our headline sponsor, Tsogo Sun, who always add such value and commitment to the race. I can assure you that your unwavering support does not go unnoticed. I believe that together we can take this race to even greater heights.”

The final results are as follows:

Men’s Overall:
Nolan Hoffman – 2hrs 20min 8 sec
Clint Hendrick – 2hrs 20min 8 sec
Ryan Harris – 2hrs 20min 8 sec
Reynard Butler – 2hrs 20min 8 sec
Riccardo Broxham – 2hrs 20min 9 sec

Men’s Elite:
Nolan Hoffman
Clint Hendrick
Ryan Harris
U23 Men:
Ryan Harris
Gustav Basson

Junior Men:
Richardo Broxham
Marc Ritzen
Ryan Terry
Junior U16 Men:
Alvin Bronkhorst
Tiano Da Silva
Jacobs De Klerk

Vets Men 30– 39:
Jaco Cronje
Franco Ferreira
Michael Viljoen
Andrew Johnson
Martin Pieterse

Vets Men 40– 49:
Andrew Cairns
Nic White
Jacques Fullard
Thys Oosthuizen
Johann Naude

Vets Men 50-59:
Gary Beneke
Colin Germs
Jose Antunes
Simon Cleminson
Greg Wittstock

Vets Men 60+:
Bobby Nefdt
Rudolf Johannes
David Marshall

Ladies Overall:
Carla Oberholzer – 2hrs 54min 47 sec
Kimberley Le Court De Billot – 2hrs 57min 57 sec
Heidi Dalton – 2hrs 57min 58 sec
Jo van de Winkel – 2hrs 57min 58 sec
Cashandra Slingerland – 2hrs 57min 59 sec

Ladies Elite:
Carla Oberholzer
Kimberley Le Court De Billot
Heidi Dalton
Junior Ladies:
Elne Owen
Zayd Hailu
N Azulde Britz

Vets ladies 30+:
Jo van de Winkel
Desray Sebregts
Nicolene Naude

Vets ladies 40+:
Cashandra Slingerland
Annelie Cronje
Vivien Sa Joe

Tandem Overall:
Bryan Cusack & Brennan Anderson
Samuel de Swart & Craig Kalamer
Fanus Alberts & Stephan Lottering
Tandem mixed:
Ansa & Conray Ras
Glen Goddard & Paula Noah
Stephen & Debbie Carse

For further information and extended results, please log on to

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“The team from Dante approached me and asked if I would be interested in helping them with a project,” says interior designer Alice Kelly. “I was thrilled, but have to admit that the timelines frightened me! Once I realised that the bones of the building were good and even though the deadlines were really tight…I couldn’t say no.”  Built on the site previously occupied by the renowned Ile Maurice restaurant, Durban-based Kelly has been tasked to bring ‘a totally new restaurant and dining experience to life’, for the three owners Trent Varejes and brothers Andile and Ayanda Ngidi.    

“Dante is going to be something quite magical,” enthuses Alice. “We have NOT held back in any way. It is the type of place where you will simply feel at home and at the same time be taken on a journey that is exciting and unforgettable. This place has brought dining pleasure to many generations over the years, so we have added some life, love and colour to the venue for the next generation to enjoy.”

Combined with the strong visual aesthetic, the owners set out to find a chef who could interpret their culinary dreams for the space.  Enter another local Durban industry stalwart, Chef Marco Nico.  Well respected, uber-talented, forager and charcutier Chef Nico has over the past 30 years, owned and run many of Durban’s most well-known and popular restaurants.  

As Chef Consultant, Nico will together with Christina Martin-trained Head Chef Kyle Govender, bring to life the contemporary Mediterranean / Italian menu, with a South African twist.  Those that know Chef Nico and his slow-food ethic, will also know about his ‘local is lekker’ approach to food and you’ll find that in abundance on the Bistro menu on offer.  Chef Govender is well acquainted with the style and tastes of the East Coast, having worked at both The Oyster Box and The Beverly Hills, so expect to see an abundance of local ingredients, sustainably sourced meat and fish and the best of international… only when absolutely necessary.

Nico is excited to be bringing a whole new era of diners into a space previously recognised as one of Durban’s most famous dining spots.  Inspiration from the restaurant’s former life, can be seen in the way the building has been completely re-imagined to suit its new purpose.  Multiple venues on multiple floors offer something for every customer – from the island-style Verandah opening into the light and airy Restaurant, to the elegant Champagne Bar, tropical Oriental Bar and Cigar Bar, before stepping outside to a Gin Terrace and upwards to a show-stopping Roof-top Bar, with a 180 degree Indian Ocean sea view.

The re-incarnation of the building is ‘no accident’ according to joint owners Ayanda Ngidi, who together with twin brother Andile, have been dreaming of a venue like this ‘for as long as we can remember’.  Born and bred Durbanites, the twin brothers are well-known in local eventing circles having been the brains and energy behind The Social Pop-Up event co-ordination company that they started in 2011.

The third member of the trio, Trent Varejes, hails from Johannesburg but has known the brothers for 10 years. Discussions were already afoot for Varejes to become involved in the eventing business, when the twins presented him with an idea for a multi-storey, multi-function venue, on the Ille Maurice site, that had become available for long-term lease. Seven weeks later, their dreams have been fully realised, with the opening of Dante.

According to Ayanda, Dante, which means steadfast and enduring in Latin ‘fits with both our faith and work ethic’…it’s also ‘catchy’ he says, ”we thought it would be easy for people to remember.”  Combining their collective business experience and hospitality skills towards this one joint project has been ‘really exciting’, says Varejes.  “We wanted to create a ‘knock-out’ restaurant and I believe that with an amazing team, we’ve realised our vision.”

For the interiors, designer Alice Kelly has gone big and bold, with hints of the legacy and footprint of lle Maurice. All the existing restaurant tiles, balustrades, basins and a few mosaics have been retained to create the base of the story. “I have added moulded pressed ceilings for character, and layered with bold wallpapers, art, velvets, linens, chandeliers, chunky bamboo blinds, elegant light fittings and furniture. I think every colour under the sun has been used in this project…however it all seems to work together like a beautiful piece of tapestry.”

Spanning three exciting levels Dante boasts a Main Restaurant and Bar, Gin Garden, Cigar Bar, Oyster & Champagne Bar, Signature Bar and Rooftop Bar with hypnotic ocean views. Opens on 29 November from 12 noon and thereafter, daily for brunch, lunch and dinner; as well as for special events and private functions.   

Contact or call 087 1333263 to book or for more information.

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Wonder Woman Run – 9 AUGUST 2020 (Celebrating Women’s Day)




Women are Wonderful – there is no doubt about that! Wonder Woman is blessed with unique powers and abilities; Beauty, Strength, Wisdom, Speed just like our women of South Africa. Be part of the Wonder Woman Run where thousands of active people take to the streets wearing their Justice LeagueTM Wonder Woman T-shirts, walking and running in celebration of Women’s Day!

Enter the Justice LeagueTM Virtual Run Series. Join your fellow runners (or walkers, crawlers and cyclists) and experience the heroics of completing a 2.5km, 5km, 7.5km or 10km run/walk in your very own neighbourhood.

Here is an opportunity to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves – the many underprivileged young children who certainly need a helping hand in these trying times! The best of all is you will be doing what you enjoy most and receive a T-shirt and medal for your effort! Be a hero and run or walk for a worthy cause.

On the 19th of July we will see Superman everywhere running in every small town and every big city in the country. But now it’s time for Wonder Woman to join The Justice LeagueTM Virtual Run Series and make her debut.

Participation in these Virtual Runs/Walks ensures contributions to beneficiaries such as Headstart Kids [who provide specialised, nutritional food packs to children aged 6 monthsto 5 years]. Relief will be given to people in need. The more entries, the more Food Packs and meals our beneficiaries can distribute.

The Justice LeagueTM Virtual Run Series
The Justice LeagueTM Virtual Run Series is the official series of Warner Bros. Consumer Products in South Africa. The events are produced by Sportsvendo, the same company who brought the unprecedented success of, The Color Run to South Africa.

Designed to empower Women, Men, and Children from all walks of life to harness their favourite Justice LeagueTM character and unleash the Super Hero within. Calling all Super Heroes to The Justice LeagueTM Virtual Run Series.

You will be able to partake in 5 Virtual Runs. You will leave from your residence, on the same day at the same time at 8am as Superman for the Superman Run then the following months Wonder Woman Run, Aquaman Run, Batman Run and then The Flash Run; running, walking, jogging, cycling, pushing prams or even crawling all in aid of our beneficiaries to help the people of South Africa who need it most, our children.

The 2020 Justice LeagueTM Virtual Run Series takes place on the following dates:
Sunday, 19 July: Superman Run
Sunday, 9 August: Wonder Woman Run
Sunday, 6 September: Aquaman Run
Sunday, 4 October: Batman Run
Sunday, 8 November: The Flash Run

Follow our Celebrity Super Heroes, Letshego Zulu, Nicole Capper, Kagiso Sebediela, LeAnne Dlamini, Paul Rothman, Coach Simon, Heidi M (resident greatness coach) and Patron; Ilzé Saunders. They will make sure our eyes are bright with anticipation, and our brows have the lightest trickle of sweat as they take South Africa through some crazy fun warm-up routines before the Wonder Woman Run, and we all sing and dance along even while apart.

After these Virtual Runs/Walks all South Africans will get the opportunity to participate in the actual “venue-based mass group” events that will take place in the major South African cities.

What good is doing good without a few goodies? Entry* into The Justice LeagueTM Virtual Run Series gets you equipped with the following essential armour:
As part of their entry each Super Hero participating will receive a Super Hero Kit** (customised per event so make sure you collect all 5 Super Hero Kits).

For the Wonder Woman Run the kit will include:
Collectors Edition Wonder Woman Medal
Limited Edition Wonder Woman T-shirt
Limited Edition Wonder Woman Button Badge
* T&Cs apply.
**Super Hero Kit content branded per respective Super Hero Run.

How to enter:
Fly to our website and give the “ENTER HERE” button a KABLAM!
You will unlock your Super Hero access from this page.

• For more information on being part of the very first DC Super Hero Virtual Run Series, visit us on our website and social media platforms or drop us an email at
• Facebook: @JLRunSeries
• Instagram: @JLRunSeries
• Twitter: @JLRunSeries
• TikTok: @JLRunSeries
• YouTube: JLRunSeries

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uShaka’s Flippin’ Fun Walk Run Race in August



uShaka Marine World will be adding to the ‘unlimited fun’ when it hosts its very own Walk Run Race on Saturday, August 24th.

Dr Stella Khumalo, CEO, uShaka Marine World tells us that this inaugural event is one event you do not want to miss this year! “We not only want to encourage everyone out there to have unlimited fun on Durban’s stunning Golden Mile and at Africa’s largest and most exciting marine theme park, but we want to highlight the importance of good health and an active lifestyle for everyone participating in this event”, she said.

uShaka’s Walk Run Race is hosted by Africa’s largest marine theme park and KwaZulu Natal Athletics and is being sponsored by Coca Cola, PSK Studios and Sanoqwabe Consultants. The event starts at 7am sharp, and things should wrap up around 9am as it includes both a 5km and 10km leg to suit persons of all fitness levels and ages. A little birdie told us that there will be some great prizes being awarded in the following categories: Juniors, 35, 40, 50 and 60 years for the young at heart.

The race is open to those over the age of 14 years old and both walkers and runners who register before Saturday August 17th will receive a branded t-shirt for the event! There will be refreshment stations along the route as well, to quench your thirst.

Register for a leisurely 5km stroll or perhaps a 10k run online through and at any Pick n Pay store. All race packs will need to be collected on Thursday August 22nd or Friday, August 23rd, between 1pm to 5pm only @ uShaka Marine World’s Wahooz on the Promenade restaurant.

For more information contact Laster on 082 470 6461 or Protas on 078 446 3655. Email or

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