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REVIEW: Billy G’s at Suncoast Casino



The age old saying goes: “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…” – but when walking into an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet, where is the beginning?

In the heart of Suncoast Casino is one of Durban’s best kept secrets, one that I don’t think should be kept quiet any more. Billy G’s is the perfect family friendly restaurant for everyone. Whether dining out as a couple on a weekly date night, celebrating a family member’s birthday or catching up with a group of friends, Billy G’s has something for everyone!

My boyfriend and I were recently invited to experience Billy G’s. The restaurant is a celebration of local friendly culture, fresh ingredients, and affordability. With buffet pricing ranging from R50 for children, R199 for teens and upwards. We were excited to see what we could get our hands and taste buds on.

The starters starter.

Most of us are used to ordering a single starter, main and dessert when dining at restaurants. At Billy G’s with their variety and selection so extensive, this need not be the case.

Keeping things simple to start off with, we tried the vegetable soup and the sushi.
Why have one when you can have both, right?
The soup hot, creamy and thick was the perfect way to warm up the tummy on a cold winter’s evening. The excitement however really started the moment we laid our eyes upon the dedicated sushi station! Fresh fashion sandwiches and california rolls accompanied with pickled pink ginger and wasabi were laid out ready to be dipped in soy sauce.


Salad & Pizza, not your usual fitness fanatics diet, but hey we were there to have the full dining experience.

The salad bar rich with choice reminded me of my childhood, where my mom would dish up a plate of salad at the local town restaurant (always sneaking a mini roll for me). Only now it was better, from fresh greens to peppers, gherkins to feta cheese, rolls to bread sticks, this salad could be my own tasty masterpiece.

The pizza, hot and fresh out of the in-house pizza oven came in your choice of Margarita, Regina or Something Meaty. Being the meat lover that I am, Something Meaty was an obvious choice. A thin crispy base was deliciously topped with cheese, fresh green peppers, onions and chorizo, made my mouth water as I took my first bite.


Seeing is believing when it came to the main course. The variety of mains on offer to satisfy your every desire ranged from carvery, to casserole and even pasta dishes.


Like a Sunday lunch around the family dining table, we had a taster of the roast Lamb , selection of roasted veggies, rice and creamed spinach. The lamb, perfectly cooked and carved in front of me by Billy G’s own head chef was so tasty and tender. The roast veggies were rich in flavour and with just the right hint of herbs. The rice was fluffy and white and the creamed spinach, well call me Popeye because goodness did I love the spinach.


An array of dishes ranging from Mutton curry, Thai green curry and butter chicken were available with sides of homemade roti’s, papadums and rice. Butter chicken being my absolute favourite of all Indian curries, meant I was able to have two helpings of it. The creamy tomato-based curry tasted authentic with its fresh herbs and spices. The traditional Durban mutton curry gave the chicken a run for its money though, no one does mutton curry like us Durbanites. The mutton was tender, spicy and full of flavour, perfect for someone looking for something local to eat.

Pasta Dishes

Just about ready to pop from eating so much, I could only have a tiny nibble on the pasta. Leaving room for dessert at this point was of utmost importance. The pasta dishes ranged from cold pasta salads filled with ripe cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers tossed in olive oil to a warm comforting creamy chicken pasta bake.


Like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory, came the dessert station. Everything from waffles and ice-cream, to malva pudding with homemade custard, not forgetting the pastry and baked cake selection. My choice of desserts were the waffles, the glorious waffles! They were fresh and warm, they were crispy and thick. Best of all, they could be as decadent as one wanted. The build it yourself topping choice of, almonds, bar one chunks, crushed oreo, caramel and chocolate sauce made me feel like a kid a again. An extremely happy and satisfied kid.

The thing I think I loved most about Billy G’s is that your meal is completely up to your interpretation, there is no wrong or right way to go about eating your meal. My only advice is, “Go there hungry, very hungry”, because all the food needs to be sampled.
We will be back that’s for sure!

I’m not even sure what won us over, it could have been the warm welcome we received when walking in to the restaurant. It could have been the tentative waitress we had making sure our every need was met. It could have been the passionate chefs or the most tantalising selection of eats they had prepared for us.

I personally think it was all the above.

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Dinner Time Stories at The Beverly Hills, Durban




Dinner Time Stories is a two and a half hour dining show that tells the story of how the world’s smallest chef follows the route of Marco Polo.

The show’s 6 course menu takes guests along a culinary journey across the regions visited by the legendary traveller.

The 3D show is complimented by a unique gastronomic experience full of fun and surprises. Diners engage in a 5-senses spectacle as they savour the tastes of the story along its sights, sounds and aromas.

The 3D mapping concept uses animated optical illusion techniques which project a little chef cooking on your plate and table top.

Durbanite was invited to experience this unique dining setting.

“Upon arrival at the Beverly Hills Hotel around 7:00pm, we were given a glass of bubbly each and seated in the waiting area outside.

Our host for the evening came around to collect our tickets and told us our seat numbers for the evening. He also asked whether we had any dietary requirements, to which we responded with none.

Shortly after, we were ushered inside to a beautiful room where we spotted the projectors pointing downwards towards the tables.

Sitting down at the dining table, we greeted and met the other guests who we were sharing our table with. Our glasses were filled with wine and the show kicked off around 8:00pm.

For starters, we were served a slow roasted carrot puree & carrot top pesto macaron. We have never heard of nor tasted a savoury macaron before! A vietnamese panko crumbed prawn tail with fresh mango, cilantro salsa was also presented.

One word: DELICIOUS.


Moving on, our petit chef took us on an Arabic tasting adventure. We were served a middle eastern tabbouleh salad with chickpea falafel and arabic bread crisps. Sounds exotic doesn’t it?

It didn’t end there.

The other arabic additions were the skordalia, roasted garlic & creamy potato dip. A smoked baba ghanoush with griddled pita bread and toasted pistachio encrusted goat’s cheese truffle on green fig & date compote.

It’s enough to make you drool… and I think this has to be my favourite as I’ve never tasted anything like this before.


The next stop was India. I was incredibly excited for the spicy food and boy, was I not disappointed! We were presented a wonderful array of Indian food.

Starting with a spicy paneer, pea & potato samosa with minted chining dipping sauce. This was served with a Beverly Hills signature lamb curry, basmati rice, sambas & poppadum crisp. Can you say, mmmm……

Let’s not forget the added touch of some freshly chopped Durban chilli! Nothing like a bit of local flavour from my hometown.

To water down the meal, we had a Bombay crush with elachi & rose syrup flavoured milk with Sabja seeds


We then jetted off to the Himalays for a frozen treat; a orange and finger sorbet. BUT with a twist. We’re not going to give too much away here as you need to see and do it yourself!

A short interlude followed for people to take their much needed bathroom break while the others headed down to the gorgeous poolside of Beverly Hills.


Before long, we were back inside and off to China. Don’t worry, no Coronavirus was contracted here!

Our Chinese dish consisted of sushi, a tom yum broth, fried rice balls, spiced grilled chicken, asian veggies and fresh coriander. The additional bonus was the fortune cookie which we enjoyed reading out aloud to the rest of the table.

My fortune?

“Le Petit Chef says… The universe is simple. It’s the explanation that is complex.”

For dessert, we had an incredible decadent cardamom creme brulee, popped rich shard finished with a date biscotti. Creme Brulee is my favourite dessert, and they blew me away here, that’s for sure!

Tea & coffee were served along with candy floss sugar, because normal sugar is out of the question, right?

Just before the show, we slipped into the kitchen to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes:

These chefs are the finest, and most hard working people you will ever come across!

Thank you DinnerTimeStories!


What a wonderful date night idea, or even for a special occasion…
Be sure not to miss out on this spectacular experience!

Book your seat for Dinner Time Stories here.

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The Beauty of Brahman Hills, Midlands




Our Durbanite contributors, Shelley and her mother, Carmen were invited to experience Brahman Hills, their spa as well as the Midlands Kitchen.

Read more on what they had to say about it.

“I had been to Brahman Hills back in March with two of my friends, and I absolutely loved it! So you can imagine my delight when I would be returning, but this time with my mom.

We left our busy little city of Umhlanga and made our way towards Brahman Hills. The drive there is fairly quick and accessible, taking only an hour and a half.


Before arriving at Brahman Hills, we decided to try out The Midlands Kitchen.

The Midlands Kitchen is an eating area which hosts 15 kitchens, including Mexican, Mediterranean, Burgers, Chicken, Pizza, Indian and Vegan dishes. There’s also a harvest table for instant artisan fresh meals.

We loved the fact that is is both kid and pet-friendly!

We sat down and our waitress promptly greeted us while handing us menus to browse through. We were given a card with a table number on it. This is for The Midlands Kitchen to keep track of our orders throughout our visit.

I ordered a vegan dish which was a Cauliflower-based burger, while my mom opted for the spring-chicken burger. We added on two cappuccinos to go with our order.

The food was DELICIOUS! We were both delighted to have made the right choice, but I’m sure with any one of their options, it would never be a disappointment.

We ended off our meal with an ice cream cone each from their gelato station. Oh, and can we make a note that this was undoubtably the yummiest gelato? I mean, they had Nutella flavoured ice cream!

On our way out, we grabbed two chocolate croissants for later indulgence, because… why not?


After our lunch at The Midlands Kitchen, we arrived at Brahman Hills to check into our room. We were seated in the lounge area and offered tea/coffee while our room and key was being organised.

We checked in to the most beautiful little hotel with a private garden all to ourselves!

After a quick power nap, we headed out to the much talked about spa. We were excited to experience our treatments in the countryside.

At the spa, we both had a full body massage with an exfoliation and soak off in a bath. Beforehand, we got to choose which essential oils we would like. We both opted for lavender which helps with stress and sleep.

After our massages, we headed upstairs to get a mani & pedi done. There’s nothing quite like getting a mani while watching the cows roam around outside in the open. So incredibly relaxing!

My perfect mani from Brahman Hills spa


For dinner we had the pleasure of dining at the incredibly beautiful 89 on Copper restaurant which is underground in a cellar-like environment.

We had the two-course dinner. Both of us chose the rib wing for mains, and had the cheesecake & brownie for dessert.

Can we talk about how pretty this restaurant is?
We loved the holes in the walls where different bottles of wine was stored!


We woke up early to start off the day with breakfast Brahman cafe.
We had the choice of choosing which breakfast we wanted.

Never in my life have I had such a good start to the day with their breakfast!


If you’re ever in the Midlands, do yourself a favour and pop into the Midlands Kitchen and of course, Brahman Hills!

Phone: +27 (0)33 266 6965
Mobile: +27 (0) 81 370 9478
Address: Old Curry’s Post Road, Mount West, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

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Oh My Soul Cafe in Durban North



It’s just the ‘veginning’ for Oh My Soul Café, now trending in Durban North!
Durbanite was invited to indulge in some of the best wraps, waffles, buddha bowls and more… They were all 100% vegan and 110% delicious!

“Be kind to every kind” is the beautiful message that Oh My Soul is spreading and encouraging everyone to live by. This is by no means an activist establishment and no one is going to push veganism down your throat. Owners Richard and Tallulah have created an environment that everyone can enjoy whether you’re vegan, health conscious or simply looking for somewhere cool to go for lunch with you friends and fur babies.

The personal touch on the decor and service made for a memorable experience. One of the highlights was being able to take my dog to lunch, she may not have been impressed by the vegan snacks this pet friendly restaurant serves but my boyfriend and I were!

Browsing the menu, there were so many dishes I wanted to try but my eyes are normally bigger than my belly so I kept things reasonable and ordered a vurger (vegan burger), sweet potato fries and a waffle with a fresh raw juice.

While I’ve been burned by the classic dry chickpea burger before, the vurger I tried was deliciously delectable and had the coolest name “Flower Power”. In fact the whole menu was quirky and well put together. Richard explained that people like different, so they are catering for regular menu updates and changes.

The problem with being vegan is that there is no place you can just run into to grab a ready made veg lasagne or meal and Oh My Soul Café is catering for just that. With the aim to create hassle-free meals that you can pop in the oven and enjoy. And delivery is possibly on the cards as well.

Another awesome addition to the café is that they have applied for their liquor license. Which means a new night scene in Durban offering G&T and craft beer on tap with a selection of organic wines and live music, which sounds epic!

There is a general perception that veganism is expensive but the reasonable prices and exceptional quality really blew us away. We can’t wait to go back for lunch and soon enough a night out on the town at Oh My Soul Café.

Address: 68 Adelaide Tambo Dr, Durban North

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