Billy Gs Entrance

REVIEW: Billy G’s at Suncoast Casino

The age old saying goes: “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…” – but when walking into an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet, where is the beginning?

In the heart of Suncoast Casino is one of Durban’s best kept secrets, one that I don’t think should be kept quiet any more. Billy G’s is the perfect family friendly restaurant for everyone. Whether dining out as a couple on a weekly date night, celebrating a family member’s birthday or catching up with a group of friends, Billy G’s has something for everyone!

My boyfriend and I were recently invited to experience Billy G’s. The restaurant is a celebration of local friendly culture, fresh ingredients, and affordability. With buffet pricing ranging from R50 for children, R199 for teens and upwards. We were excited to see what we could get our hands and taste buds on.

The starters starter.

Most of us are used to ordering a single starter, main and dessert when dining at restaurants. At Billy G’s with their variety and selection so extensive, this need not be the case.

Keeping things simple to start off with, we tried the vegetable soup and the sushi.
Why have one when you can have both, right?
The soup hot, creamy and thick was the perfect way to warm up the tummy on a cold winter’s evening. The excitement however really started the moment we laid our eyes upon the dedicated sushi station! Fresh fashion sandwiches and california rolls accompanied with pickled pink ginger and wasabi were laid out ready to be dipped in soy sauce.


Salad & Pizza, not your usual fitness fanatics diet, but hey we were there to have the full dining experience.

The salad bar rich with choice reminded me of my childhood, where my mom would dish up a plate of salad at the local town restaurant (always sneaking a mini roll for me). Only now it was better, from fresh greens to peppers, gherkins to feta cheese, rolls to bread sticks, this salad could be my own tasty masterpiece.

The pizza, hot and fresh out of the in-house pizza oven came in your choice of Margarita, Regina or Something Meaty. Being the meat lover that I am, Something Meaty was an obvious choice. A thin crispy base was deliciously topped with cheese, fresh green peppers, onions and chorizo, made my mouth water as I took my first bite.


Seeing is believing when it came to the main course. The variety of mains on offer to satisfy your every desire ranged from carvery, to casserole and even pasta dishes.


Like a Sunday lunch around the family dining table, we had a taster of the roast Lamb , selection of roasted veggies, rice and creamed spinach. The lamb, perfectly cooked and carved in front of me by Billy G’s own head chef was so tasty and tender. The roast veggies were rich in flavour and with just the right hint of herbs. The rice was fluffy and white and the creamed spinach, well call me Popeye because goodness did I love the spinach.


An array of dishes ranging from Mutton curry, Thai green curry and butter chicken were available with sides of homemade roti’s, papadums and rice. Butter chicken being my absolute favourite of all Indian curries, meant I was able to have two helpings of it. The creamy tomato-based curry tasted authentic with its fresh herbs and spices. The traditional Durban mutton curry gave the chicken a run for its money though, no one does mutton curry like us Durbanites. The mutton was tender, spicy and full of flavour, perfect for someone looking for something local to eat.

Pasta Dishes

Just about ready to pop from eating so much, I could only have a tiny nibble on the pasta. Leaving room for dessert at this point was of utmost importance. The pasta dishes ranged from cold pasta salads filled with ripe cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers tossed in olive oil to a warm comforting creamy chicken pasta bake.


Like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory, came the dessert station. Everything from waffles and ice-cream, to malva pudding with homemade custard, not forgetting the pastry and baked cake selection. My choice of desserts were the waffles, the glorious waffles! They were fresh and warm, they were crispy and thick. Best of all, they could be as decadent as one wanted. The build it yourself topping choice of, almonds, bar one chunks, crushed oreo, caramel and chocolate sauce made me feel like a kid a again. An extremely happy and satisfied kid.

The thing I think I loved most about Billy G’s is that your meal is completely up to your interpretation, there is no wrong or right way to go about eating your meal. My only advice is, “Go there hungry, very hungry”, because all the food needs to be sampled.
We will be back that’s for sure!

I’m not even sure what won us over, it could have been the warm welcome we received when walking in to the restaurant. It could have been the tentative waitress we had making sure our every need was met. It could have been the passionate chefs or the most tantalising selection of eats they had prepared for us.

I personally think it was all the above.

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