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Update: World Transplant Games



All eyes will be on Kings Park Athletics Stadium in Durban (yesterday and today), for the World Transplant Games track and field events. Former Olympic athlete and USA TV star, Howard Dell, who is a liver transplantee, was hoping to break five world records in the 100 and 200 meters, discus, javelin and ball throw.


Martha Ehlin from Sweden will be taking to the field during the track and field events at Kings Park Athletics stadium today. The inspiring lady will be participating in the javelin, high jump, shot put, ball throw, 100m and 400m relay events. Ehlin who, in 2009 had five transplants, participated in the Swedish games in 2011 where she went out and dazzled the event claiming five gold’s in Athletics, stating that each gold was in honour of each transplant. She won gold in javelin, high jump, shot put, long jump and floor ball which is a Swedish game similar to ice hockey but minus the ice. This year she is defending three of those titles, the javelin, shot put and high jump. She is the talented athlete claims her favourite is high jump with a personal best of 1.55m and shot put with her best put of 9.20m. The Swedish athlete participated in the volleyball on Monday where her team won two games and lost two games. The events conclude tomorrow with a close on 150 participants taking part in the track and field. Back home she is a founder of an organisation, MOD which means courage in Swedish. More Organ Donation (MOD) assists people who are in urgent need of transplants and she creates awareness for the need of organ donations. For more info go to or like the Facebook page.


Pacing their way through the men’s 1,500m in the 30 – 39 age category are Morokwane Itumeleng (South Africa) who finished fourth, Pablo Grunewald (Argentina) who finished third and Daniel Motsoso (South Africa) who took the title in the highly competitive middle distance race.

Records tumbled during the first day of the World Transplant Games athletics in Durban with 20 new records being set as of Friday 2nd August.


Former Olympic athlete, Howard Dell started off the day with one mission in mind, to break the World Transplant Games record in the 100m for his age group 50 – 59. The speedster was determined to beat Dutchman Andre Lassooij 2009 record of 12.92. He managed to break the record not once, but twice. In his first heat he dashed across the line in a time of 12.68, 24 seconds faster than the record but the time was wind assisted with the wind registering 2.2meters per second.


In the final, he turned up the gas, pacing a 12.54, shaving off 38 seconds again.  The prevailing wind picked up in the afternoon, clocking 3.2 meters per second. The heart breaking news for the former professional athlete was his records were wind-assisted and therefore won’t stand.


“I felt good; over the last 50m I knew I had the record. I broke the records, it what I set out to do but you can’t help the weather.” the towering Olympian commented. “The whole week the event has been superlative and the Local Organising Committee has been outstanding! I have been to a lot of events and this one rates the best by far.”


The first record to be broken at the World Transplant Games was by seventeen year old South African Philemon Mogotsi in the Long Jump event. His jump of 5.31m increased the record by a mere 1cm to put his name firmly in the record books when he broke Robbie Lyons from Ireland’s 5.30m.


Multi-talented Ulrika Svantesson from Sweden is notching up the medals at this year’s Games. The Swede powered her way to a gold medal in the first event of the Athletics, the 3,000m Power Walk, “I am so happy,” she stated at the finish. After three laps, the Venezuelan runner started off so strong and was far ahead of me but my pacing was better. “When it was three laps to go, I got my counting wrong and thought it was only one lap to go so when I thought I was close to finishing I had a bit of a surprise that I still needed to do two more laps!


Svantesson has had a great World Transplant Games with a bronze on the first day in the 5km Road Race, a silver in the 5km Cycling Time Trial on Tuesday and then a gold in Wednesday’s 20km Cycling Road Race. “I have been training hard, at least once a day and if I was feeling strong I even managed ten training sessions a week.” the double kidney transplantee said.


Australian Montague Summers affirmed, “This event is better organised than the Swedish Games, the track is better. We have been having such a great time in Durban and haven’t been doing too badly in the results and medals.”


Running hero, Daniel Matsoso, who raced his way to a splendid gold in the 1,500m in the 30 – 39 age group in a time of 4:55.84, was delighted with his performance, “I am so happy, I didn’t want to disappoint on the track today. When I arrived, I saw my face on all the street poles and this gave me more of a reason to do well!”


Well known running star, Blanche Moila was at the games supporting the inspirational athletes, “I take my hat off to these athletes, I know how much training goes into preparing for a race, the amount of sacrifice and work goes into a body that is already compromised, just phenomenal. These hundreds of athletes are absolutely amazing!” enthused the experienced long distance athlete.


Athletes of all ages have been putting their heart and souls into their performances at the track and field events with the final day concluding the six day World Transplant Games in Durban today. For more info go to or like the Facebook page.


**World Transplant Games Records as of Friday 2nd August**

50m Boys 6 – 8

Josh Laurenz (South Africa) 8.48

100m Men 70 +

Derek Johnson (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) 18.85

50m Boys 9 – 11

1 Kieren Seri (France) 8.42, 2 Kaidyn Blair (Canada) 8.48, 3 Jacques Boshoff (South Africa) 8.72

Women 400m 50 – 59

1 Deborah Chudy (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) 1:25.19, 2 Elviria Mendiburu (Argentina) 1:28.05

400m Men 18 – 29

Montague Summers (Australia) 0:52.9

400m Men 30 – 39

Vojtech Koudelka (Cze Republic) 0:54.76

Cricketball Men 40 – 49

Kevin Montague (United States of America) 80:01

100m Women 40 – 49

Michelle Daley (Australia) 14.04

400m Men 60 – 69

Peter Stoetzer (Germany) 1:36.71

1,500m Women 18 – 29

1 Andrasne Jung (Hungary) 06:04.68, 2 Marie Devine (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) 06:17.93

High Jump Women 30 – 39

Floranke Brake (Netherlands) 1.35

Shot Put Men’s 15 – 17

1 Matthew Mokorao (New Zealand) 10.73, 2 Herculaas Lamprecht (South Africa) 9.52

400m Women 60 – 69

Genevieve Anthamatteh (Switzerland) 1:31.86

Shot Put Women 18 – 29

Nicoleta Raluca Dragan (Romania) 11.09

Long Jump Boys 9 – 11

Kaidyn Blair (Canada) 3.20


**Pix by Val Adamson**


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Durban Mother’s Day Concert: Top 5 reasons why the Old Mutual Music at the Lake concert is the ultimate Mother’s Day outing this Sunday.



Top 5 reasons why the Old Mutual Music at the Lake concert is the ultimate Mother’s Day outing this Sunday.


Tickets on sale from Webtickets.


Old Mutual Music at the Lake: Mother’s Day featuring Mango Groove and Aaron McIlroy

As Mother’s Day approaches, families in Durban have the perfect opportunity to celebrate in style at the highly anticipated Old Mutual Music at the Lake concert. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Durban Botanic Gardens, this special concert on Sunday, May 12 promises an unforgettable experience for all.


Here are the top five reasons why you should spend Mother’s Day at Music at the Lake:


Legendary Live Performance:

Prepare to be mesmerized by the legendary Mango Groove as they take the stage with their unique blend of pop, rock, and traditional South African music. Their infectious energy and timeless hits will create a magical atmosphere that’s perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day.


Comedic Entertainment:

Alongside Mango Groove, comedian Aaron McIlroy will keep the laughter flowing with his comedic talents. From hilarious anecdotes to clever observations, Aaron’s performance guarantees a side-splitting experience for all ages.


Spectacular Venue:

Nestled around the picturesque Lake area of the Durban Botanic Gardens, this event offers more than just music. Attendees can immerse themselves in the beauty of one of Africa’s oldest botanic gardens, surrounded by lush greenery and serene waters.


Community Spirit:

Sponsored by Old Mutual, the Music at the Lake series is a testament to the power of community and cultural heritage. Through their support, Old Mutual aims to create lasting memories and bring people together through the universal language of music.


Picnic-Style Experience:

Bring your own food and drinks and relax on the shaded lawns of the gardens as you enjoy a delightful picnic-style afternoon. With Cooler boxes charged at only R50 at the gate, attendees can indulge in a feast for the senses while soaking in the vibrant sounds of the live performance.


“We’re thrilled to be part of such a special event, celebrating love, connection, and kindness on Mother’s Day,” said Claire Johnston from Mango Groove. “Join us at the Durban Botanic Gardens for an unforgettable afternoon of music, laughter, and cherished moments.”


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day with your loved ones in a setting that blends nature, music, and laughter. Secure your tickets now from Webtickets and make memories that will last a lifetime.




Old Mutual Music at the Lake: Mother’s Day featuring Mango Groove and Aaron McIlroy

Date: Sunday 12 May

Venue: Durban Botanic Gardens

Times: Gates open 13h00 – Music starts 14h00 – Show ends 17h00.

PLEASE NOTE: Cooler boxes charged R50 at the gate. Bring your own picnic, drinks, chairs and blankets.

Ticket link:


Follow Music at The Lake online:

Official Website:



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Durban Mother’s Day Concert: The Old Mutual Music at the Lake



The Old Mutual Music at the Lake series returns for a special Mother’s Day concert on 12 May at the Durban Botanic Gardens.


Old Mutual Music at the Lake: Mother’s Day featuring Mango Groove and Aaron McIlroy

Date: Sunday 12 May
Venue: Durban Botanic Gardens
Times: Gates open 13h00 – Music starts 14h00 – Show ends 17h00.

~ Cooler boxes charged R50 at the gate.
~ Bring your own picnic, drinks, chairs and blankets.


Ticket Prices

Phase 1:

Adults (Over 12) R195
Kids (U12) R100
Kids (U4) R10

Phase 2:

Adults (Over 12) R225
Kids (U12) R110
Kids (U4) R10

Phase 3:

Adults (Over 12) R250
Kids (U12) R120
Kids (U4) R10


Ticket Link:


The highly anticipated Old Mutual Music at the Lake series is back with a special concert in celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12. The event will take place at the stunning Durban Botanic Gardens, nestled around the picturesque Lake area.

Music enthusiasts and families alike can look forward to an unforgettable live performance by the legendary Mango Groove, known for their unique sound that blends pop, rock, and traditional South African music. In addition, comedian Aaron McIlroy will entertain the audience with his comedic talents, making this concert an unmissable experience for all ages.

Claire Johnston from Mango Groove is excited to return to Durban Botanic Gardens for the concert, saying “We’re so thrilled to be coming back to this glorious venue for the first time in several years. Mothers’ Day is the perfect opportunity as we get to celebrate love, connection and kindness”.

The Old Mutual Music at the Lake series is the longest-running live music series in KwaZulu-Natal, offering a relaxing and entertaining Sunday afternoon in a beautiful outdoor setting. The event is staged at the Durban Botanic Gardens Lake area, the oldest botanic gardens in Africa, providing a serene backdrop with its lush gardens and abundant wildlife.

“Old Mutual’s sponsorship of the Music at the Lake series underscores our deep-rooted commitment to nurturing community spirit and celebrating cultural heritage. We believe in the power of music to bring people together and create lasting memories, especially on occasions as special as Mother’s Day. Our support for this series shows our dedication to the arts and the communities we serve. We are proud to create platforms where talent, laughter, and family joy can flourish in the heart of Durban’s historic Botanic Gardens,” said Thobile Tshabalala, Head of Brand at Old Mutual.

Attendees are invited to bring their own food and drinks (cooler boxes charged R50 at the gate), blankets, and camping chairs to enjoy a delightful picnic-style afternoon on the shaded lawns of the gardens. Concert-goers can soak in the vibrant sounds of the live performance while observing an array of birdlife, including pelicans and spoonbills flying overhead.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with your loved ones at the Durban Botanic Gardens and experience an afternoon of exceptional music and comedy. Don’t miss out on this unique event that blends nature, music, and laughter! Get your tickets now from Webtickets.


Follow Music at The Lake online:

Official Website:



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Durbanite Spotlight: The Kickstands



In our latest Durbanite encounter, we step into the world of The Kickstands, a band that’s as vibrant and energetic as the city we all love. Welcome to another feature on Durbanart, where today we’re hanging out with Gary Nixon from The Kickstands. As they get ready for Splashy Fen and continue to make music that resonates with so many, we’re excited to chat with Gary about a few things: their tunes, what they love about Durban, and some fun, little-known facts.

Let’s jump into our chat with Gary and discover some new angles on both the band and our beloved Durban.


1. What draws you to Durban?

An active, outdoors lifestyle and the strong sense of community people share here.

2. Where is your favourite place to have breakfast in Durban, and why?

Mayfair, Durban North! Delicious, consistent and holds loads of memories

3. What Durban experience do all visitors need to try?

Promenade run/walk in the morning, swim around the peer and a Springbok game at Kings Park.


4. Nothing beats water, but where is a good Café or Bar in Durban?

Surf Riders


5. If you had to recommend a Durban spot to stay for the weekend, to an out-of-towner, where would you suggest?

If you’ve got the bucks, Oyster Box is mint! Otherwise come crash on my couch!


6. When did you know that music was your thing?

When people started paying me to do what I loved doing anyway


7. What’s your go-to shower song?

NOFX – Linoleum

8. You’re playing at Splashy Fen again this year. How many Splashy Fen’s have you been to? How many of those have you performed at?

I’ve been to 12 Splashy Fens, this will be my 11th time performing.


9. What’s your favourite thing about Splashy Fen?

The people, it’s what makes it what it is. Revelry.


10. Your Top Three Things to take to Splashy Fen?

My guitar, the vibes, and every year I try to convince a friend that’s never been to Splashy to come with me!

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