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World First for KZN: Coral Cove Retirement Community Launched



This luxury residential development in KwaZulu-Natal North Coast raises the bar for those seeking a comfortable, hassle-free lifestyle in their older years.
Located on the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) North Coast, Coral Cove by Auria Senior Living, is a significant retirement development to be located in Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate, on the shores of Sheffield Beach.

With advancements in medicine and a focus on healthy lifestyles, people are living substantially longer. According to the World Economic Forum, in an article published in 2021, ‘’Global life expectancy at birth has now topped 70 years for men, and 75 years for women. And the population living to 100 and older is predicted to grow to nearly 3.7 million by 2050, from just 95,000 in 1990.’’ The number of adults over the age of 80 is predicted to triple by 2050.

A well-planned and comfortable lifestyle is therefore necessary to enhance and enjoy an exceptional quality of life in one’s senior years. Coral Cove provides this, and more, and is the first development of its kind in KZN. ‘‘Given the growth on the North Coast over the past few years, the provision of lifestyle environments for senior citizens hasn’t been catered for fully, and Coral Cove is the first to comprehensively address this need,’’ says Auria Senior Living CEO, Barry Kaganson.

He explains that Continuing Care Retirement Communities, (CCRCs), such as Coral Cove, are purpose-built, secure residential communities in which older adults can live an enjoyable, hassle-free life with access to a wide variety of hospitality services, amenities, care and support. Auria Senior Living owns and operates CCRCs throughout South Africa, and has received numerous prestigious international awards, placing them amongst the best in the world.

Currently, the KZN North Coast has limited retirement facilities, few of which offer a continuum of care with amenities and services as extensive as offered by Auria Senior Living. As a result, there has been strong interest from older adults on the KZN North Coast. Interest from those who are planning to, or have retired on the South Coast, Upper Highway and Midlands area and who want to be closer to family and amenities in the KZN North Coast node, has been high, with enquiries coming from the Gauteng and Western Cape markets on the table too.

Coral Cove offers intentionally designed freestanding garden villas, maisonettes, semi-attached garden villas and apartments to suit independent living and assisted living as residents may require. The majority of these properties offer sea views, with research showing that coastal living has many life-enhancing advantages. Coral Cove, according to Kaganson, “will be, to the very best of our research and knowledge, the only senior living community of its kind in the world with direct beach access to the pristine north coast shoreline.” Pricing ranges from R1,690m for apartments to R3, 360m for villas.

This residential community forms the third and final phase of acclaimed Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate, a premium residential estate developed by Collins Residential. On completion, Coral Cove will comprise 21 hectares housing 230 residences within the larger 160-hectare community.

This leading retirement community will offer extensive lifestyle facilities, such as an outdoor and indoor heated swimming pool, air-conditioned cinema, entertainment facilities, a gourmet restaurant, coffee shop, fully equipped wellness centre and state-of-the-art care centre, catering for frail and dementia care. The Care Centre will be operational as the first residences are occupied.

Auria Senior Living (Auria) develops, owns and manages a portfolio of senior living communities throughout South Africa. The company is setting a new benchmark in the continuing-care community for the over-70s, providing for the intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs of its residents, in attractive and well-located environments.
Auria’s current portfolio includes the award-winning San Sereno in Bryanston; the magnificently revamped Melrose Manor in Melrose; the recently acquired Woodside Village in Rondebosch and two new purpose-built communities: Royal View, a 122 apartment senior living development on the Royal Johannesburg and Kensington golf course in Sandringham and now Coral Cove, a breath-taking senior living community at Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate on the shores of Sheffield Beach, KwaZulu-Natal North Coast.

Estate developers, Collins Residential, have welcomed Auria Senior Living, saying their confidence in entering the KZN market is testament that the North Coast presents an investment opportunity in a market that is still underserviced, particularly in this part of the region.

‘’Coral Cove is an attractive location for local citizens, semigrants and foreign buyers seeking senior living in a desirable location close to nature,’’ says Murray Collins, director at Collins Residential, the estate developers.

Visit: or contact Leon Smith
(083) 327-2903‬ to enquire.

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Momsy: A local maternity treasure




Durbanite blogger, Shelley Ferreira recently collaborated with Momsy to try out their most-talked-about maternity range.

Momsy is a ready to wear modern maternity and breastfeeding collection. They design and produce comfy yet stylish and classic clothing suitable for all stages of motherhood. Their aim is to support mamas during challenging yet wonderful stages of motherhood by creating clothing that enables them to enjoy a maternity and breastfeeding friendly wardrobe.

Shelley from Durbanite wearing Momsy’s Blush Denim Overall

Momsy is locally designed and manufactured in South Africa and inspired by motherhood, a love for fashion and a heart for helping mamas. Each collection is carefully designed and each fabric is hand selected.

They believe that the best mama is a confident mama and this is our attempt to make each and every mama feel beautiful and worthy and cheer them on in the perfect roll they are already fulfilling.


We sat down with Louzelle from Momsy to find out more about the brand:

Shelley from Durbanite wearing Momsy’s Navy Cross Over Ruche Dress

1) Who is behind Momsy? Tell us more about the brand.
My name is Louzelle van Dyk, I am 29 years old, married to the love of my life and mama to 3 handsome boys. Momsy is my heart + soul, I started the brand during my second pregnancy after I discovered the massive gap in the market for maternity + breastfeeding clothing and struggled immensely throughout my own journeys. My heart for Momsy is exactly that, to help moms through these challenging yet amazing stages of motherhood by providing them with beautiful, versatile + comfy pieces that will give them a confidence boost + practically help them through motherhood, making it more enjoyable.

2) What makes you unique from other maternity brands?
I am fortunate enough to design + develop my own designs, I have my own factory where we make the designs and then my favourite part, I get to photograph my own designs. I used to be a professional photographer so it’s a huge advantage in my business. I also do all my branding, marketing + design work myself so I really get to pour my heart + soul into every single aspect of my business.

Shelley from Durbanite wearing Momsy’s Blush Denim Overall

3) Most maternity clothes are often seen as “frumpy” or “old-fashioned” – is this a stereotype you wanted to break?
Yes, most definitely. I love fashion + international trends which makes us very innovative and puts us a step ahead. We believe that pregnancy + breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful stages in a woman’s life and needs to be embraced not hidden away. We also realise that we do have a very young + stylish market which we love to cater for.

4) Momsy is locally made and manufactured. We love that. Tell us why more people should support local?
Small businesses are not easy to run + be successful. There are a lot of costs involved in running a small business and we love to pay our worker’s generously for the amazing work they do for us, hence our manufacturing prices don’t come cheap. We support several families in South Africa and we all work together in building the future of our country but by doing that we need all our local clients to support local instead of buy internationally made items.

5) How often do you bring in a new range of maternity wear?
We used to do 2 big collections a year, Spring/Summer + Fall/Winter but we will be focussing more on bringing out new pieces throughout the year making it more affordable and sustainable.

6) What’s one thing you wished more people knew about a brand like Momsy?
Our main message that we’d like to bring across is that yes, we are a maternity + breastfeeding brand but our clothing can be worn before and after these stages too. Nothing limits you to only wearing our clothing for these stages. Giving you so much more worth for your investment.

7) A lot of moms struggle to find clothing to breastfeed easily. How is your range helping this?
We provide easy access features to our garments. So they all either have invisible side zips, a fold or lift option. We also focus on making these features very discreet so that you don’t feel like you are wearing the “typical” breastfeeding clothing. I also believe there is an emotional side to it. We provide stylish + comfy options for breastfeeding moms, making them feel + look great, and thát keeps them motivated on difficult days. I remember wanting to stop breastfeeding with my firstborn because I was so tired of not having anything to wear everyday or having to wear button tops every day.

8) Anything else you would like us to know?
We love + support every stage of motherhood and we respect all our mamas and the choices they make so much. When we support breastfeeding it does not mean we condemn anything else, breastfeeding is just the nature of our business and we love providing support + cheering our mamas on but we think all moms are super women no matter their colour, shape, style or choices they make. We feel super honoured to be journeying through these stages with so many different women. We get to know amazing mamas + feel inspired every single day by our clients + following.

To shop on Momsy, visit:

Follow them on Instagram here.

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OPENING SOON: The Umhlanga Arch



THE official ground breaking of Durban’s iconic Umhlanga Arch took place last week. The R1.3-billion project is being developed by The Multiply Group, and will cover 45,000 square metres, including 163 apartments.

The Umhlanga Arch will be positioned on the slopes of Umhlanga’s Ridgeside. The mixed-use and people-centred property residential, commercial and hospitality facilities, boasts an arch with views of the coastline. The developers have teamed up with Rembrothers and Charles Thompson and Chris and Pierre du Toit.

“Following the tremendous successful launch of our residential phase and office spaces, we are thrilled to get going with the construction of Umhlanga Arch. Leading up to this moment has been nothing short of extraordinary, from record rate sales to being awarded as the best marketed development in South Africa for 2017.”

“As we take this step forward, we are delighted to share that we have appointed Wilson Bailey Homes (WBHO) as our contractor and can confirm that ABSA bank will be financing our remarkable project,” said Chris du Toit, developer representative of Umhlanga Arch.

He added, “Breaking ground is a significant moment, as we believe that our iconic development is going to change the landscape of Durban and set a whole new precedent, not only in the property industry, but also with regard to the lifestyle the area has to offer.”

“Our goal is to ensure that Umhlanga Arch delivers on creating a one-of-a-kind lifestyle; although we are in the early stages, we look forward to revealing our plans with you in the near future,” said Renzo Scribante, founder of the Rembrothers Group.

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Outshining the rest: Carlton Hair Makeover



Quick disclaimer: this review was written by a tomboy who doesn’t take care of their hair.

When visiting La Lucia Mall’s Carlton branch, you’ll feel the revamp even more than just seeing it. The store opened on 4 November downstairs from its previous location. As the second branch to adopt the earthy look (Rosebank was the first), Carlton La Lucia represents a brand new vision the chain is trying to push. The look goes hand-in-hand with a change in services, providing natural products, ammonia-free bleach and using recyclable material. Eco-friendliness aside, the salon also sidelines as a make-shift college during the week. Since early November, students are able to use these facilities to get better practical experience.

Back to appointment – I was a bit nervous about the colour, treatment and trim I had booked. I’m getting married in a few months and wanted to keep the length I had for a traditional hairstyle. This also meant that I didn’t want to take any risks with my hair colour.  Hence the nervousness. I was going to be that person. You know, the person who enters a salon and is super demanding before they’ve even taken a seat. Like pulling off a plaster, I just went for it and let them know from the start that I didn’t want to lose length but still wanted a reasonable trim. I wanted a colour wash for shine but wanted to be conservative about colour and most of all, I needed a good treatment.

Here’s where my fears got washed away. Jodash and Gwen were my stylists for the afternoon and they took all my requests in stride. Not only were they great stylists but they were friendly, listened to my needs and tried to accommodate me as much as possible. My session started with a colour wash (ash brown, which was chosen because it drowned out red undertones). I never mentioned any of this nor did I suggest a colour which made me realise how intuitive Jodash was. I’m sure he would have let me choose a colour had I wanted to but I trusted his judgement and was pleased with the result. The colour wash was mixed with the miracle treatment on the market at the moment: Olaplex. I’ve been told that this is the same treatment that let Kim Kardashian go from dark hair to blond without any damage. It’s a 3-part treatment: mixed in with the colour wash to rebuild your hair whilst colouring it, a leave-in treatment after washing your hair and a home treatment (not-mandatory).

After approximately 30 minutes of a nourishing colour wash with Gwen, I was taken to the sink to wash this off then had the second part of the Olaplex treatment placed on my wet hair whilst I waited for about 15 minutes. This was followed by a revitalising head massage (much needed after a session of Christmas shopping). A final wash followed and then it was time for the dreaded trim. I’ve been quite specific about my length in the past which didn’t often translate into the final cut. And so began my session with Jodash, who was friendly and most of all understanding of my needs. I got the perfect trim with a straight cut (again, I didn’t request it but actually really wanted that). My hair was then blow dried with some added bounce on the fringe that it so desperately craves it. He then added an oil to the straightener which locks in the shine and enhances the treatment. The porous plates on the straightener allow the oil to be spread in a mist over your hair.

And then voilà! The shiny, healthy looking hair I wanted with a colour that wasn’t dramatic and the length I needed. Amongst the good service, meeting the client’s demands and great products, Carlton La Lucia is highly recommended. Check out my before and after pics if you don’t believe me 😉

To make an appointment, call 031 572 6113.


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